Friends with Benefits

HOTTTT 🔥💥TOPIC of the week! Friends with benefits situations can become sticky with tension or blurry with doubt.

What do we do if we are caught up in a Friends with Benefits situation and you want more?!  

This week, we tackle the messiness of a friends with benefits situation that is common in modern dating. A few of the key points Dave makes are when things are working…. FWB is great! It works out well if both people involved are looking for fun, are single, and their lives are too busy for an exclusive strings attached relationship!

When it goes south, that’s when things can get messy! When one of the two people involved wants more than the other is one way to blur the lines and boundaries set with a FWB situation! The duration of the friends with benefits situation can also lead to one or the other feeling used, under appreciated, or even poorly treated.

They may even say to themselves, “He only calls when he wants to…..” or may think, “she only texts when she wants to hook up”. You can imagine how hard that would be the longer it goes on, right?!

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