Authentic Meditation with Laura Ellen Gongwer

Laura Ellen Love believes that fear based on past rejection for being authentic, either subconscious or conscious while still needing to take different action is what holds us back in romantic relationships. A lack of guidance and confidence to step into an authentic place will help people move beyond their trauma to see the beauty in their life!

Her business, Energy Success Result has a mission to help as many driven, successful individuals as possible think less in order to achieve more, in all aspects of their lives. Laura helps her clients achieve this with guided personalized meditation you can do anywhere in the world!

When Laura said, “What’s the why behind the cry”, it resonated with me because until we get to the root of the real issue of repeated patterns, we will never fully move on from it.

If Laura’s message resonated with you today, please don’t hesitate to reach out to her through one of the following platforms on IG: LauraEllenLove, FB:

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