Drowning in Online Dating

I get overwhelmed pretty easily… the abundance of profiles and choices online dating provided me was too much!  I honestly couldn’t keep up with the swiping and messaging over the past two years of being single in Denver.  

I decided it was time to break up with the apps!  And I am so glad that I did. When you listen to today’s episode, take note of what I always thought I’d be giving up by deleting my online dating profiles was actually what was holding me back from meeting someone authentic and real while dating in Denver. Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or Spotify now to be the first to know when a new episode drops each Monday and Friday!

My decision to delete my online profiles came from a challenge from a valued client at Fit Life Champions.  As we formed a solid friendship while training together at the private training studio, we would trade stories of our weekends and businesses!  She challenged me to take the upcoming weekend off from all social media and I was incredibly surprised by how much more energy I had when I wasn’t spending time staring at my screen, checking the dating apps, and wasting my time swiping left and right.  

I came back to the gym after three days off of social media (including Instagram and Facebook) with more energy than I had had in quite some time.  I was totally refreshed and ready to attack my work week AND disconnect from the instant gratification and validation many of us seek from online connections.

Since that fateful weekend, I have asked others to join me in taking a social media detox each week for over two months and we have all seen the same thing.  We have found deeper connections with real people by getting together with friends and family when it matters most or at the very least, reaching out via text or phone call vs. liking pictures and posts on our tiny screens!  
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