Two Questions for The Peacemaker

This special bonus episode highlights The Peacemaker, of type 9, on the centuries old personal growth and development tool.  Over the past five weeks, we have been introducing you to the “Crown of The Enneagram”.  

If you’ve been listening to the podcast over the past year, you will undoubtedly know how much of a fan I am of the Enneagram personality assessment!  

This individual is called the “Crown” because they represent every single other personality type by sitting atop of the diagram of the Enneagram.  The Peacemaker gets along with everyone and their biggest motivation is to avoid conflict, which can also be one of their greatest strengths.

The lifelong goal of a Peacemaker is to understand and believe that their voice has meaning, value, and they aren’t just meant to blend in with the crowd!  Can you relate or know someone that resembles this gut centered personality type?

When at their best, The Peacemaker can show up bright and magnetic which is one of my favorite attributes of some of my best friends.  Soft spoken and a natural leader, The Peacemaker loves to resolve conflict at work and at home with their family.

Today’s episode of the BBR Podcast is meant to ask two questions of this personality to enusre that they are reminded of their greatness!  The most important question I can ask a Peacemaker is…

“What are your desires, likes, wishes, and opinions?” Because they matter! Check out the full episode on iTunes or Spotify for both questions. If you haven’t taken the Enneagram personality test yet, please do so at and the share your results with me via email or direct message on Instagram or Facebook!

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