The Reformer

Just over two years ago, I found out about the Enneagram through clients and friends! Since then, I have become obsessed with the simplicity of the personality type system that helps me understand who I am and why I tend to do the things I do and make the choices I make!

Let’s get to know type 1, known as The Reformer or Moral Perfectionist, on the Enneagram personality typing system. The Reformed Perfectionist is unique among all of the other types we’ve spoken about so far on the podcast, such as The Challenger and The Peacemaker.  They are motivated to take the moral high ground as often as possible and much like the Challenger, they will fight for social justice.  

Their motivation for doing so is much different than the other types that champion for the “little guy” or the “underdog”, so tune in to the whole story with Dave Glaser to learn more.  Subscribe now to the podcast on iTunes or Spotify to be the first to listen to the next four weeks in The Reformer personality type series! Up next week is Core Fears and Desires!

If you haven’t taken your own Enneagram assessment, please do so at, screen shot your results and send them over via Insta, FB, or email and we will get you started on self-awareness and discovery today!

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