Can You Keep Up with Chasity Snowden?

Chasity Snowden, Crossfit competitor at the 2018 Games, joined me on the podcast to talk about how hard it is to find a man strong enough to keep up with her! We originally connected on Instagram with a shared passion for Olympic lifting, one of Chasity’s biggest passions! So much so that she named her fun pup Oly.

Chasity believes that fear is what holds people back in relationships- she says this is why her brand is Fearlessly Authentic. Her mission in life is to enable others to realize their dreams in body and nutrition.

Her best dating advice is….

Don’t date where you squat otherwise she wants to remind you not to mess with the sanctuary.

She may even encourage you to run past a cute guy on the beach to impress him and catch his attention!

If her message resonated with you today, don’t hesitate to reach out to her by the following links!

Instagram: chasitysnowden_fla, Facebook: Chas Snowden Nutrition Coach,

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