When It’s Knot Forever with Kim West

What do we do when a marriage falls apart?! Kim West is an attorney and divorce coach from whenitsknotforever.com in Austin, Tx.  She joins me on this week’s episode to talk all topics before and after marriage because her new adventures will introduce you to The Marriage Maven.

Her mission is to assist and empower men and women who are approaching, going through, or coming out of the divorce process by providing them with the clarity, guidance, and support they need to get through it in a way that aligns with their goals.

Kim believes that it’s the stress, overwhelm, uncertainty, and incredible emotional pain from going through a divorce is what holds people back in relationships.

If her message resonated with you today, please don’t hesitate to reach out to her on one of the following platforms now!

On the web at www.whenitsknotforever.com

On Instagram – whenitsknotforever, or Facebook – whenitsknotforever, and even on Linkedin – kimberlyawest/

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