Right Place Right Time with Kayla Coleman

Our guest this week is Kayla Coleman, real life dater new to Denver and a Helper on the Enneagram! She joined me to talk honestly about dating in Denver and traveling the country photographing beautiful weddings. Kayla’s mission is to create timeless, romantic photos for the hopeful romantics of the world.

Kayla believes that social media plays a big part in holding people back in relationships. She discovered the Enneagram recently and found her identity in The Helper or type 2 personality! Like me, she understands that the unique personality test is a guide or a path to authenticity and not necessarily meant to put us in a “box”.

If her message resonated with you today, please connect with her via the links below. If you’re in need of a wonderful photographer for your wedding, please check out her Instagram account below!

www.kaylacolemanphotography.com @kaylacoleslaw + @50shoots50states

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