When to Take a Break with Jessica Robinson

Jessica Robinson is a real life dater and an Enneagram type 2 from Kansas City, Kansas. She joined us on the podcast today to share her thoughts on social media, when to take a break from dating, and how it feels to be The Helper personality type on the Enneagram. Ultimately, Jessica believes that the fear of rejection hold us back in relationships.

She and I agree that mindless scrolling on the “IG” is detrimental to our mental and emotional health, as well as our self-image. She believes we compare ourselves to others and that brings out the dark side of social media!

Jessica joins me each weekend for the social media detox and we discuss the benefits she has seen from taking a break routinely to become more present with family and friends when it matters most. In today’s episode, Jess calls this the “struggle bubble”! Join the next detox this weekend by clicking here now!

She intentionally took a break from dating this summer, aka. #manbreak or #summerofjess and wouldn’t you know it, she met someone she thinks is pretty special! Jessica taught us today that when you aren’t looking for love, that’s when it finds you!

More importantly, she believes that working on yourself is the most important part of laying a foundation before the right timing can happen meeting someone new!

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If Jessica’s message resonated with you today, please connect with her on IG @jessilynn722

Dave Glaser is the owner of Fit Life Champions and an Enneagram Coach for singles that wish to find lasting love in an authentic relationship. To take your own Enneagram assessment, head over to 9types.com and take the Rheti version, screen shot your results, and send them to Dave via Instagram, FB Messenger, or email now!

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