New Hope with Sarah Ezrin

Sarah Ezrin is an EYRT-500 yoga instructor and a freelance writer for the Yoga Journal and LA Yoga Magazine. She has led yoga teacher trainings and workshops all around the world, from the US to Canada to Beirut to Europe to Bali. She also passionate about writing and sharing about mental health on her social media platforms; most notably anxiety and eating disorders.

Sarah believes that self-doubt is what holds us back in relationships. She has discovered how much is possible when we just get out of our own way. Anywhere from finding the right career path to the right partner, she shares that if we can learn to get out of our own way, the whole world opens us to us.

Her mission is to teach self-love through yoga and writing. By helping people look at their limiting beliefs and old stories, Sarah loves guiding people toward the truth- the truth that they are worth it!

If her message resonated with you today, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Sarah on one of these platforms!, on Instagram: @sarahezrinyoga, or on Facebook: Sarah Ezrin Yoga

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