Let’s Talk about Sex with Jill McDevitt

Dr. Jill McDevitt, PhD in Human Sexuality, believes that sex-negative messaging about what or how things “should” be sexually according to social norms and expectations. Her mission is to help adults grow more sexually knowledgeable, introspective, and self-compassionate so they can feel good- sexually and emotionally.

My big takeaways from our amazing conversation was with her closing remarks and a quote she offered us, “You’re a sexual person first and you share it second!”

Dr. McDevitt spends her days fighting the Crusade Against Sex: Being Sex-Positive in a Sex Negative World, and Sex Positions for Every Body. If her message resonates with you today or would like to attend one of her workshops, please connect with her at www.thesexologist.org, on Facebook @sexdocjill, or and Instagram @sexdocjill

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