Overwhelmed by Choices with Meredith Shirey

I couldn’t imagine a better time to debut this week’s episode with our expert gueest Meredith Shirey, LMFT, from New York City! Her mission at Relationship Counseling NYC is to help people find themselves. We agree that self-awareness and personal discovery is key to finding lasting love when dating in these modern times. Meredith believes that we are all capable and deserving of love and connection, and that we are inextricably connected.

In today’s episode, Meredith and Dave discuss how we all struggle with feeling that we are enough, that we are deserving of love, and how this often plays out in how we show up in relationships. Meredith says that when people feel that they are deserving of love and willing to risk showing that to others, when we can understand and embrace that trusting others is vulnerable but not run away from it or demand it from a place of entitlement; we can change the world. 

If her message resonated with you today, please reach out to her at www.relationshipcounselingnyc.com or email at info@relationshipcounselingnyc.com Feel free to follow her on Instagram @meredithlmft

If you have been following the most recent mini series with Dave, you will have noticed that we talk about all of the modern dating topics such as giving someone the benefit of the doubt, showing mutual interest, and working through the battle between the head, the heart, and the gut instinct!

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