Pure Joy with Julia Parzyck

Julia Parzyck and I originally met because a listener of the podcast recommended that we connect over all things fitness, nutrition, and dating! I am so glad we did because now we are close friends and building a dream team of power partnerships in Denver, Co!

Julia is a vibrant and energetic eating disorder coach that focuses on bringing out the inner child within her clients! Through her own journey toward more confidence in herself, she has transformed the way that she thinks about her body image. Her mission in life is strong and clearly it is what drives her forward each and every day!

Our conversation covers so many topics but what I loved most about our conversation was her transparency and authentic approach to bringing confidence with her wherever she goes!

Please don’t hesitate to follow Julia at her website fitfatandallthat.com or on instagram @fitfatandallthat and subscribe to her podcast with co-host Devon Not Your Normal Womxn

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