Never Settle with Justine Shigley

Justine Shigley holds an active license as a LVN and has competed in 3 NPC bikini competitions. Her next adventure is transition over to the WBFF and will be making her debut on stage this year. 8 years ago, she lost her husband in a car accident and for the first time ever on the podcast, we have a new perspective on settling into a relationship that doesn’t serve you.

Justine believes that most people put their feelings second because they are fearful in hurting the other persons feelings and that’s what holds people back in a relationship. Her personal mantra is, “You are not confident because you are beautiful, you are beautiful because you are confident” and that is my big takeaway from our conversation on the podcast today.

Her personal mission is for men and women to believe in who they are as an individual. When entering the “dating scene”, Justine believes that you need to be confident in YOU and know what you bring to the table. Her best advice is to not settle, be real with yourself and not to let looks be a deciding factor when getting into a relationship.

If her message resonates with you today, please don’t hesitate to reach out to her on Instagram: justinejune on her Website:, or on her Facebook page: J-Spire Virtual Fitness Coaching

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