Attachment Theory with Dr. Kristen Hick

Dr. Kristen Hick, Licensed Psychologist and author of an ebook called “Dr. Hick’s Guide to Fearless Living and Loving”. At the Center for Shared Insight, she facilitates a weekly divorce recovery group for women at any stage of the process.

Dr. Hick believes that people not intimately knowing themselves is what holds them back in relationships. She works with anxious attached individuals to SHOW UP in a relationship and her example in our episode is when making dinner plans. Dr. Hick recommends that an anxious attached person suggest two to three things they would like to eat without fear of rocking the boat or upsetting their partner.

Her mission at The Center for Shared Insight in Denver, Co is to heal unresolved relational traumas and experiences that prevent secure connection with loved ones. Their therapists support the desire to restore and strengthen healthy attachment through a warm and responsive therapeutic alliance and empower you to develop healthy attachment behaviors to help you transform your relationship with yourself and others. As a result, they strengthen relationships, families, communities, and generations through nurturing self-aware, empowered, secure and healthy adolescents and adults.

My big takeaways are…

Great relationships are created, they don’t just happen.

A clear definition of what attachment styles are and why they form the way that they do.

Experts used to believe that we were locked into our attachment style but now understand that it’s more fluid.

Avoidant and anxious attachment styles create more “deal breakers” so that they don’t have to get close to another person.

If her message resonated with you today, please connect with them at, or on Facebook CenterforSharedInsight , even on LinkedIn centerforsharedinsight/ and finally on Instagram centerforsharedinsightpc/

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