Dating Offline with Camille Virginia

Camille Virginia is the author of The Offline Dating Method and has a bachelors degree in business, ten years in corporate America, but now has five years with her own business. As a social skills coach, she believes that we are scared that our real selves will be rejected – or we aren’t sure who they really are.

Camille’s mission is to help people, of all gender identifications, sexual orientations, and relationship status tap into everyday opportunities to feel more connected with their fellows humans – and get a hot date in the process.

My biggest takeaways from our conversation were…

Dress for a conversation with a piece of clothing that could be a great conversation starter!

If you are nervous or afraid to make the first move, begin with giving a person of the same sex a compliment or someone from your parents age group!

A picture can’t see its own frame. Wow! I’ve never heard this before and it explains so well why having a coach in your life is so valuable! If you are looking for a detox from social media, read Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport. An easy step by step process to detox from apps!

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