The Definition of Success with Jason Polk

Jason Polk has a masters in social work, as well as a Licensed Addictions Counselor, and a PACT (Psychobiological Approach to Couples Therapy)Level II therapist. His mission is to help couples get along better and to work with individuals to have authentic relationships. Jason strives to work to help people be real and authentic so they get what they want and to help partners have empathy for each other.

Jason believes that insecurity, fear, and that if they come forward authentically, they will be rejected. He aims to help clients learn how to be vulnerable and keep each other in the window of tolerance.

My biggest takeaways from our conversation were…

Jason tells us to “Have your partner’s owners manual”

Choose your “Door B” is saying how you really feel!

A couples goal should be to get back into the social engagement window to have a productive conversation.

To Jason, success means having ample resources for his family. For example, taking his family on a week long skiing trip and not worry.

Unbridled self-expression is a losing scenario in a relationship.

To connect with Jason during his upcoming Have Each Other’s Backs Again workshop at on Instagram @denverrelationshipexpert Facebook @denverrelationshipexpert LinkedIn corelationshiprecovery.

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