Moving On with Jaime Palmucci

Jaime Palmucci and I have known each other since she lived in Denver before moving up to Michigan. We originally connected over a mutual love and respect for mixed martial arts and specifically jiu-jitsu. Her nickname “Sailor Jaime” won’t surprise you after you listen to today’s episode with this expressive Enneagram type 3, The Achiever!

Jaime believes that people’s expectations of who they *should* be as opposed to who they are is what holds them back in relationships. We dive deep into this concept in this week’s podcast episode!

Her personal mission is to help people be the best version of themselves, particularly when they’re at their most vulnerable such as in the gym she works at or when managing the fight league in Denver, Co

My biggest takeaways for our long conversation today were…

Kindness is what is needed most when it comes to hard situations and conversations.

How she very effectively uses Instagram to share her personal message

She helps people find reasons to push their personal envelope or comfort zone

The best feedback she received from her “successful” marriage (even though it ended) was that her partner wanted to “have some semblance of making a choice”

If her message resonated with you today, please connect with her on Instagram @denimdebutante (that is if you can see past the T&A in order to catch her amazing sense of humor and sarcasm!

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