Attachment and Sex with Dr. Brittany Woolford

On this week’s episode of the podcast, we are joined by Dr. Brittany Woolford, Ph.D. and counselor at the Center for Shared Insight. She has published a journal article that is totally worth reading called “Interest in Partners Orgasm: Sex differences and relationships with attachment strategies”

Dr. Woolford believes that the fear of rejection and trying to abide by how society says they should be in relationships is what holds us back from finding lasting love.

Her mission is to help people create healthy relationships. With this, not only are we impacting our individual or couple client, we are also influencing who are clients are in relationship with. Another value Dr. Woolford holds high is social justice and advocating for our clients to be authentic in relationships, even if this doesn’t fit with stereotypes of relationships.

If her message resonates with you today, please don’t hesitate to reach out to her at¬†or on Instagram¬†@centerforsharedinsightpc

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