Searching for Empathy with Alyse Opatowski

As season three comes to a close, we wanted to invite a unique soul onto the podcast to share her message. Before creating We Talk Real Talk, Alyse Opatowski, ran a company of top co-working locations around the world, as well as launched and won four environmental campaigns and one campaign for a local political (in San Francisco). She has consulted and grew 10 New Zealand tech companies that expanded their businesses to the US. Alyse’s true mission though is to create a space for people to feel comfortable sharing their true self, practice honesty and challenging conversations daily and inspire others to do the same

Alyse and her group host We Talk Real Talk Events that focus on authentic conversation over dinner with friends. They have big plans for collaborations next year such as our yoga/breath work/conversation and connecting to body and mind. Featured collaborators include Lisa Trope, live storytelling/conversation with MyStory, mental health conversation that focus on the destigmatization and solutions. Additional partners include Rising Routes and other creative, fun events for people to deeply connect. Personally she hosts many dinner parties on Friday nights (for Shabbat) and other types of events finding interesting ways for people to have meaningful interactions.

Alyse believes that fear is what holds us back in relationships- fear of judgement, unworthiness, response from others as well as the fear of rejection. She believes that is mostly because it is not the “norm” to ask and share what is really going on with you. In her opinion, many of us have lost the ability to really communicate because of screens, devices prevent us from doing so, or simply just the lack of practice.

Finally, Alyse shares a deeper passion through We Talk Real Talk, which is spreading empathy and connection through conversation. This is an opportunity for you to have a space to interact with people in a meaningful way. They are creating tech-free gatherings that inspire authentic connection locally in the Denver area.

If her message resonated with you today, please don’t hesitate to reach out to her at, FB: wetalkrealtalk IG: @wetalkrealtalk_

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