She’s Got Guts with Shelly Sulfrian, 4w3

Shelly Sulfrian is one of my best friends in Denver, a former client, and inspirational survivor of Ulcerative Colitis. She has a Doctorate in Pharmacy working in the corporate world as a Nuclear Pharmacist. Outside of her career, Shelly’s passion is to bring awareness and provide support for those suffering with invisible digestive illnesses, and to raise IBD and Ostomy awareness.

Shelly believes that a lack of self awareness, confidence, and vulnerability prevents people from being their authentic selves in relationships. Shelly is an Enneagram type 4, the Individualist, and had adverse reactions to that test result. After many moments of self-reflection, she now believes her empathy is a big strength to help others!

Authenticity to Shelly means, “I am the most creative version of myself. I am confident and I don’t let other people sway what I want to do.” As the biggest takeaway, Shelly wants us to know that we can “give each other grace” because we never know what is going on in their lives.

If her message resonates with you, please reach out to her on Instagram @shellsgotguts

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