The Four Agreements with Kerri-Ann Appleton

Kerri-Ann Appleton is a Certified Reiki Master, Yoga Teacher and Transformational Coach living in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The first time we talked on the podcast, Kerri-Ann and I discussed having an open heart when finding lasting love. This episode has so much necessary information for us to build healthy relationships when dating in Denver today!

Kerri-Ann believes that patterns, beliefs and conditioning from their childhood, community, society, culture, etc… is what holds us back in relationships. However, she also believes that if we remember and act with The Four Agreements in mind, we can be empowered to treat ourselves and others with respect, an open heart, and love!

Her mission is to empower 1 million women around the world to thrive by finding their true authentic selves and to live from that place.

If her message resonated with you today, please connect with Kerri-Ann at, or on Facebook @ MyJourneytoRi@daveglaser

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