Two Ways Women Self-Sabotage with Renee Slansky

Renee Slansky believes that a man’s main love language is words of affirmation. In today’s episode, she explains the difference between affirmation and validation. We don’t end the conversation there, but we dive even deeper into how to affirm a man’s purpose to give him the confidence to dive all-in a relationship.

Renee was kind enough to share the roles within a relationship and the phases when one person is pursuing more than the other. “A healthy relationship is who has to do work in this moment to produce the healthy result. Sometimes it’s 50/50, sometimes it’s 90/10. Sometimes you have to carry the other person.”

She believes that when we bring the familiar phase into the courting phase, we shouldn’t be surprised when it blows up and fails!

Men and women are constantly testing each other to establish whether their partner is high value… or not. Renee believes that men test women so much more than women test men! Until I read a book by Dr. Robert Glover, author of No More Mr. Nice Guy, I would have disagreed but with Renee’s advice and the knowledge gained, I have now changed my mindset on this opinion!

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As promised, here is the video I recommend everyone watch to learn more about how to make a man fall for you!

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