Audience “Q and A” with Meredith Shirey, LMFT

Since we last spoke to Meredith Shirey, LMFT, on her episode Overwhelmed by Choices, we received so many questions from our audience that we decided to have a follow up conversation! On today’s episode, we answer the following questions from real life daters…

  • why is it so hard for women to date out there
  • what are great ways to get to know someone you’ve just met
  • how do you date after a divorce? with kids?
  • how social media comes into play in modern dating
  • and so much more!

Meredith and I agree that self-awareness and personal discovery is key to finding lasting love when dating in these modern times. Meredith believes that we are all capable and deserving of love and connection, and that we are inextricably connected.

Meredith says that when people feel that they are deserving of love and willing to risk showing that to others, when we can understand and embrace that trusting others is vulnerable but not run away from it or demand it from a place of entitlement; we can change the world. 

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