Mile High Mess with Katy and Shelby

On this week’s episode of the podcast, we are surprised by moments of authentic vulnerability from Shelby and Katy, hosts of the Mile High Mess Podcast here in Denver. What I wasn’t aware of before we hit record was Shelby’s recent break up hit her hard but when asked why she chose not to reschedule, she said, “Because life goes on”.

I am on board with Shelby’s determination to continue to live her life, feel the feels, and add in healthy self-care to heal from her heartbreak. Katy and Shelby believe that a fear of judgement is what holds people back in relationships and I couldn’t agree more.

We hold back our true selves out of fear that we will be rejected and judged by our love interests. On the other hand, when these two host their podcast to bring levity to modern dating, they aim to entertain, give comfort, and bring a feeling of unity to their listeners lives!

If you missed last week’s Unleash Your True Potential live event with Thomas Suski and I where we dive deep into the Five Pillars of Optimal Health, but still wanted to see all of the amazing content for yourself, click here now!

If their message resonates with you today, please connect with them through the following platforms and definitely check out their latest podcast episode! Maybe there will be another story about poop!

Instagram – @milehighmesspodcast Facebook – milehighmesspodcast ITunes – mile-high-mess-podcast

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