Your Needs or You’re Needy? with Shawntres Parks

Are you being needy? Or just sharing your needs in a relationship?

Last fall, I was asked a very big question that at the time, I didn’t know the answer to. The question was, “What do you need?”

Well, at the time, that question was so much harder for me to answer than it is today after many hours of soul searching and diving into myself to find that answer. For myself and not anyone else. You can read all about it in the recent blog post The Missing Pieces!

That reflection that led to important personal discoveries inspired this week’s podcast episode with Shawntres Parks, from Couples Learn in Los Angeles, CA. She has her master’s in Clinical Psychology, is a candidate for her PhD in Transpersonal Psychology, owns a certificate in Sex Therapy, and is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist. She was the perfect expert to ask some very serious questions about how we come across as needy OR share our needs in a healthy way to be heard by our partner.

Shawntres believes that the negative influence of overt/covert messages from family of origin, trauma, and past relationships is what holds us back in our current relationships.

Her mission is to help women heal and transform from past trauma that hinders them from fully showing up in their ideal relationship. If her message resonated with you today, please reach out to her at; on Instagram @sparks_therapist or at @coupleslearn

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