Respond or React with Violet Lange

On this week’s episode, we discuss dating during the Coronavirus, masculine and feminine energy, and learning life’s lessons the first time around instead of repeating them over and over again.

“(If) the masculine is the frame, then the feminine is the artwork within”- Violet Lange.  Violet believes that dating during the Coronavirus is an opportunity for us to get real and give us the permission to ask deep, authentic conversations!  

Violet believes there are three elements to a relationship: emotional, physical, and practical. She believes that worrying too much about what the guy thinks instead of focusing on how they feel about themselves is what holds women back in relationships!

Violet helps successful and spiritual women date like a Queen, attract their King, and feel fabulously feminine along the way. Her mission is to activate the divine feminine and end the suffering of abuse and loneliness, by empowering women to date in way that feels good, is embodied, and embraces healthy sexuality and vulnerability. She believes that healthy, passionate dating leads to lasting loving relationships which create healthy families which elevates our whole society.

Violet Lange is on fire for her mission and plans to start hosting live events in Los Angeles later this year, as well as previously leading live events in LA, New York City, Miami, and Paris.

If Violet’s message resonated with you today, please reach out to her at to connect with her Pleasure Path podcast, on Instagram @violetlovelange, or on Facebook now!

Dave Glaser is the owner of Fit Life Champions and an Enneagram Coach for singles that wish to find lasting love in an authentic relationship.  Your first session is absolutely free, please book your 30 minute consultation with Dave at now!

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