Laughter is the Best Medicine with Dr. Steve Berkowitz

On this week’s episode, we are joined by Dr. Steve Berkowitz, MD Professor of Psychiatry-Child-CHC, from the Anschutz medical center in Denver, Co. With the current pandemic, Dr. Berkowitz has been tasked with the set up of a help line for staff and personal at the medical center to provide them with mental health resources to help them through this difficult time.

One of the key developments he and his team have created is a 7 Day Resiliency Plan for staff to implement at the office and at home to emphasize the five crucial elements: calm, efficacy, sense of future, connectedness, and safety. We also discuss what the dating experience could be like if you choose to get out there a date during a pandemic. That feeling of connectedness is a basic human need that we seek in times of celebration AND in grief.

Normally, we offer up the contact information of our expert guests but considering Dr. Berkowitz’s level of responsibility, we request that you reach out to local resources through However, if you loved his message today, please forward this episode and blog post on social media with someone you believe that would benefit from the episode.

During this trying time, Dave and our community is hosting free zoom calls every Tuesday evening at 7 pm MST for you to gain extra support in your life through authentic conversations about love, family, and work! Click here to join us for free!

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