Everything Feels Like Long Distance with Kerri-Ann Appleton

All the way from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Kerri-Ann Appleton joined us on a Facebook Live interview to share with us her dating experience since the shelter in place orders were set in place. She has joined us twice before on the podcast, so if you missed those interviews, please download them to listen later!

On today’s episode, we focus on how to approach dating during a pandemic when everything feels like a long distance relationship. Even if you live across the street or across town, we are feeling the effects of sheltering in place at home. If you’re an extrovert like me or have the love languages of physical touch and quality time like Kerri-Ann and I, you are quite possibly feeling the effects of loneliness and grief.

Our conversation takes many different paths, but our number one hope is that you gain some tools to cope with our current situation and understand that you are not alone in this world. So reach out to us if you’re needing extra support! We host a free group call every Tuesday night at 7 PM MST, just sign up here now to get more information!

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