How to Be Lovable While Socially Distancing with Suzanne Muller

Suzanne Muller is a huge supporter of the podcast and we absolutely love having her at live events and as an expert guest. She is an author and speaker who pours into her amazing community of authentic daters in Denver. I’ve been a guest at one of her happy hours and I have to say how much fun I had!

On today’s episode, Suzanne and I speak openly about what self love can do to help us be lovable at times when the world is closing in on us. Currently, we are both sheltering in place and single, but that certainly doesn’t prevent us from working on ourselves for the future when this ends for all of us.

We both agree that doing the hard personal work is essential to finding lasting love and there is no better time than right now for us to take advantage of a slower paced life! If you are unsure of how to begin diving deep, connect with Suzanne at or join me for our weekly free zoom community group support calls here!

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