What Women Lose When They Give Too Much with Roz Ware

It’s all about chemistry! Roz Ware joins me on this week’s episode of the podcast to talk about chemistry, attraction, and what happens when the feminine energy is truly aligned! She believes that women give too much in a relationship and it tips the balance of the scales between the masculine and feminine energies.

Check out the full interview as Roz joins me all the way from London, England and stay tuned for a special episode this coming Wednesday. Subscribe on iTunes, Spotify, or YouTube so that you are notified of new episodes right away!

As a sagittarius, Roz feels a pull towards fire signs and craved excitement in life and love after a long term relationship ended. She found herself launched into a new life of dating celebrities and high value men and now teaches other women how to receive authentic energy from men. When she discovered that men have an innate desire to give and work for their woman, she made it her personal mission to educate women to do the same to attract the masculine, high powered man they desire.

It was so much fun to banter back and forth with her within the framework of masculine energy; which is something I don’t get to do often on the podcast! Check it out on YouTube now!

If her message resonates with you today, please connect with Roz on Facebook @RozWare. Her message that she delivers on FB is originally what caught my attention and I knew that she would be a great guest all the way from London, England.

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