Dating with Lyme Disease with Jess Willmorth

May is Lyme Disease Awareness month and to highlight that, today’s podcast guest is Jess Willmorth.  Jess lives in Seattle, Wa and has been dealing with this chronic disease for some time now.  Before and during her diagnosis, Jess turned to social media as a resource and a support community to learn more about how to live with her disease while thriving in work and dating.

Jess believes that fear is what holds us back in love and relationships. In her case, she battles a harsh chronic illness and definitely has fear of not being good enough when she starts dating someone. She also has the fear that she will be “too much to handle” when she brings a partner into her life with Lyme disease.

Today, we talk about how a true partner would complement her life and understand her needs with a chronic condition like Lyme disease.  To support and connect with Jess, please reach out to her on Instagram @healingjess_ for fun prizes and fundraisers each May to celebrate her birthday and bring awareness to Lyme disease.

Jess’s mission is to continue being a patient advocate for those battling Chronic Lyme Disease. She wants to spread awareness of the disease, be there to comfort those battling, and remind them they aren’t alone and help fight for insurance to cover this disease.

Please connect with her to participate each May in a fundraiser partnered with Global Lyme Alliance via Instagram: @healingjess_ Facebook: @healingjess @Twitter: @healingjess_

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