Why Men’s Work Works with Jason Lange

On today’s episode, Jason Lange and I share our experiences with how effective and expansive men’s work can be to grow and develop.  I previously interviewed his wife, Violet, and we talk about their relationship today through the lens of the Enneagram as he is a 9 and she is a 3.  Jason’s knowledge of the Enneagram provided unique insight into how it can be used as a common language to help a partnership grow closer to each other and reach goals together!

Jason believes that fear and lack of training holds men back in relationships and I couldn’t agree more! We discuss how a young male’s right of passage has changed in the past 150 years because their fathers leave the homes to go elsewhere to work, leaving no male role model behind.

His mission in life is to help men lead in life and love with head, heart, & guts. If you know of a man in your life that could really benefit from a conversation with a genuine person in a safe place, I’d highly recommend listening to this episode and if you enjoy it, please feel free to leave us an honest review on iTunes or Spotify!

If his message resonates with you today, please share this episode with just one man who could use leadership and guidance in his life or direct them to evolutionary.men to connect with Jason directly! You may also find him on social media Instagram: evolutionarymen For Facebook: evolutionarymenswork

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