Fatherhood and Dating with Kevin Coates

On today’s episode, we want to give the floor over to Kevin Coates to speak on the current events in Denver and the nation.  I am blessed with the privilege to host this podcast and feel as if it is my duty to rise up and give a voice to those who aren’t being heard in a manner that brings change.

Kevin Coates is a certified self-awareness coach and he was one of the first guests we interviewed almost two years ago.  If you recall from his interview then, Kevin grew up in a dangerous part of Annapolis living through what most only see in the movies.  We are honored to have his insight into current events, fatherhood, and his passion for serving others to improve mental health.  

If his message resonated with you today, please connect with him on Facebook here.  To bring about change, we need to bring awareness to the issues at hand.

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