Do You Initiate or Chase? with Renee Slansky

On today’s episode, we invite love education coach Renee Slansky back onto the podcast to share the differences between initiating and chasing with your crush in a relationship!  We always take away the best information and this episode is no different with advice such as what to say to your crush when you want to know if you’re exclusive!  

Today, you will learn what it takes to bring value to and receive from your relationship without abandoning yourself in the meantime so watch the YouTube video below!

Subscribe to the podcast on YouTube, on iTunes, or Spotify to never miss out on an upcoming episode!  Renee is an internationally published dating coach with Australia’s #1 dating blog among many more articles.  Her mission is to education the world on love, help women and men build and cultivate successful and healthy relationships they desire and deserve.

If you enjoyed Renee’s message today, please connect with her on YouTube or Instagram @reneeslansky and on Facebook – TheDatingDirectory

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