Where Heart Break Leads You with Sierra Melcher

On today’s episode, I am joined by Sierra Melcher all the way from Medellin, Columbia. She believes that when people are held back in their relationships, it is because they are not quite sure who they are because they spend so much time trying to be the “right” kind of self or desirable.

During our conversation, Sierra and I compare travel and dating as a metaphor that I think you will enjoy! “It isn’t about the destination so much as it is about the journey together.” Click below to listen to the whole episode on iTunes or Spotify!

Sierra’s mission is to support women to discover and deepen the relationship with themselves so that she can know what she wants and have the courage to pursue it. She calls it attuning to the “inner author-ity” to really be the author of her own life. As we talked during our interview, Sierra described love as, “Deeply investing in your own and someone else’s spiritual growth” and I truly enjoyed that perspective. Check out the video on YouTube below!

Sierra hosts weekly women’s circles as well as a weekly podcast called Integral Women Soundbites, so if her message resonates with you today, please connect with her via her website – integral-women.com on Instagram – integralwomenmentoring or on Facebook – IntegralWomenHeartSisters

If you have a question for Dave regarding your own relationship, please connect with him via email at believeberealbebold@gmail.com and he will reach out as soon as possible!

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