How Our Values Affect Our Relationships with Michelle Herzog

On today’s episode of the podcast, Michelle Herzog joins us from Chicago as a certified sex therapist and marriage and family therapist.  The views that she shares with us today are how to connect our values while ethically dating using apps and other ways to meet singles!  We take a deeper dive into dating multiple people or just one partner as a reflection of our ethics and values when dating in the modern world.

Michelle believes that societal norms, gender norms, BS dating standards and rules, mental health issues (anxiety, depression), trauma, technology taking over how we meet potential matches is what holds us back in our relationships. She knows how frustrating all of that can be which is why her mission in life is to guide people in making choices that suit their best selves, wants and needs.

If her message resonates with you today, please connect with her on Instagram @chicagosextherapy or her website

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