Single. On Purpose. with John Kim


John Kim, The Angry Therapist, joins me this week to discuss fatherhood, personal growth, and introspection to be in a better relationship with yourself as you seek a partner.  John went through his own rebirth after a divorce and became a coach and therapist to help others grow and connect! 

John’s mission is to encourage people to humanize themselves because online dating has turned us into baseball cards. We dive deep into clean and dirty anger that can hold us back in relationships and how jiu-jitsu helps level me out so that I can take a moment to respond instead of react instantly with my knee jerk reaction.

If his message resonates with you today, please connect with him on Instagram @theangrytherapist

Submit your relationship questions to us via email and we will answer them on an upcoming episode of the podcast;

If you are looking for new ways to build a connection in the digital dating era, check out the new blog from the Center for Shared Insight here.

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