Hire for Culture

I began interviewing and recruiting trainers as soon as I opened the first studio in July 2016, after leaving Blunt Force.  I knew that in order to scale my business, I needed to have income coming from two sources.   One primary source came from clients and their memberships.  While the other stream of income came from personal trainer rent/sub-lease agreements.  Our interview process is very similar to the welcoming consultation system we use for our clients and members.  Here’s the quick view of our interview process at Fit Life Champions.

  1. Welcome applicant near the front door
    1. Shake their hand
    2. Ask if they found the location ok
  2. Ask them if they would like to set their belongings in the area where the interview will commence
  3. Give them a tour of the facility
    1. Pointing out the restrooms, water fountain, etc.
    2. Share the story of how long and why we chose this location
    3. Once arrived at the area for training, share philosophy of minimalistic and functional, sport specific training, etc
    4. Introduce them to any and all teammates/members you meet along the way
    5. Walk them back to the location of the interview, often in the office
    6. From here, the process becomes a lot like a professional one-to-one
    7. Ask them how they became interested in fitness as a career
    8. Ask them who their ideal client is
      1. This will be our first clue to their scarcity or abundant mindset
      2. As well as determine the potential for their cultural fit
        1. Do they work with someone similar
        2. Do they speak with passion for service of others
    9. Ask them about their training philosophy
      1. Does their philosophy pair well with our niche?
        1. For example, corrective exercise, functional, strength and conditioning
        2. Crossfit coaches are unlikely to fit with our culture, for example
    10. Ask about business goals
      1. This is our second clue into their mindset
      2. Do they have a growth mindset?
      3. Are they fearful of success?
      4. Are the held back by false or limiting beliefs?
      5. Do they have a tendency to hop from job to job
        1. This will be our third clue us into compatibility and cultural fit
        2. How do they refer to their previous supervisor or employer
    11. In response to this conversation, are they asking buying questions?
      1. Such as, how does our business structure work?
        1. Are they paid as employees?
        2. Do they pay flat rent and have access to the space anytime?
      2. These two questions separate a worker bee from an entreprenuer or business builder
      3. Do they have a vision for their own passion in fitness?
        1. If they have visualized their future, they will have the drive to try
        2. They will likely respect our vision, mission, and be a cultural fit
    12. When it comes to asking for the sale from a prospective independent contractor, we offer options
      1. Choice 1: Rent the space for flat $600 rent, full access for 6 month agreement
      2. Choice 2: Mentorship Program plus 2 month internship program- $1197
      3. Choice 3: Mentorship Program only: see menu options of services below
      4. Menu Options of Services


The system above seems like a more informal version of an interview to you, doesn’t it?  You’re right, the process for recruiting personal trainers is unique because they are investing in themselves.  When they are contemplating building a business, learning to master online training, and eventually open their own studio, they are potential entreprenuers and they just need a little hope that it has been accomplished before and we paint that picture for them with Fit Life Champions.

To learn more about how to build an online and in-person personal training business, click now to get your 7 Step Guide to Begin a Business absolutely free!

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