Why We Are Mirrors for Each Other with Dr. Morgan Anderson, type 8

On this week’s episode, we are joined by Dr. Morgan Anderson Psy.D. from my home state of Montana. That’s not all we have in common because we are both certified personal trainers and Challengers on the Enneagram.

Today’s conversation is like looking in the mirror for me as we dig into attachment theory through the eyes of two type 8’s; from one masculine and feminine perspective.

If Dr. Anderson’s message resonates with you today, please feel free to connect with her on Instagram @drmorgancoaching or in her private group community on Facebook here.

Join us for an Open House event on Oct. 20th at 7 pm mst where we will be joined by Dr. Kristen Hick from Center for Shared Insight to answer all of your dating and love questions. To save your spot for Tuesday night’s virtual even via zoom, click here now!

In today’s episode, I mentioned a funny video from satirist J.P. Sears which you can view here. Tag us on social media @believeberealbebold to let us know what made you laugh or cry about his take on the Spiritual Pick Up artist.

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