How to Become Exclusive when Dating in 2020 with Dave Glaser

I’m not new to the singles scene. For three years, I have been digging deep and peeling back the layers of my relationship story while surrounding myself with as many positive and uplifting people I possibly could through the podcast.

If I were to have had someone tell me point blank, “How to become exclusive” with someone I liked, I would have laughed out loud. It sounds so simple. You like someone, you tell them so and you’re exclusive, right? Almost. Not quite.

Consider that everyone has a breakup story the found transformational at one point in their life. That’s me. Broken and at a turning point in my life three years ago so I set out on a personal mission to uncover how my past traumas and experiences impact my relationships today.

And on today’s episode, I share with you three things to be mindful of when becoming exclusive with someone (casually, spoken for, exclusive, or any level or relationship) while dating in the modern world; ie. texting, online dating, and ghosting for starters.

Those three steps are:

1. Be clear about what you want

2. Be clear about what you don’t want

3. What does healthy communication look like to you?

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