How Surviving a School Shooting Impacts Relationships with Taylor Fraser, type 8

On this week’s episode, I am joined by Taylor Fraser, host of The Forward Podcast, which recounts her experience in a high school shooting and her journey since.  

Together, we uncover patterns in her relationships since and how she found the trauma lying underneath caused relationship challenges.  Once she began to sift through her history, Taylor was able to work through subconscious attraction to musicians, engineers, and trauma survivors to live an extraordinarily successful life.

As we are both Enneagram 8s, we understand that our personality type was solidified within us at a young age. For Taylor, it possibly embedded itself within her at the time of the shooting, which we discuss at length on today’s podcast episode.

Please tune in to Taylor’s amazing podcast Jan. 1, 2021 for a reenactment of the events from that day acted out by real actors at

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