What are Attachment Styles?

On today’s bonus episode, we are joined by Dr. Kristen Hick from Center for Shared Insight to educate our members and answer their questions.  

The question we set out to answer that night was “what are attachment styles and why does an activated attachment style feel like chemistry?”

 About three years ago, I went through a breakup that would transform my life. It was the first time in recent years that I had felt an anxious attachment system get activated in a relationship and it eventually led to it ending. And not amicably either.

I hung onto that breakup with that partner because I was so anxiously attached and it felt like hell on earth. Looking back, I wouldn’t change anything about that time in my life because it propelled me forward like nothing else before in my life.

For the first time, I felt as if I needed to look inward and make a major change in my life or I would continue to repeat the same old patterns over and over again. But with different partners.

So I set out on a personal growth journey that has included many many ups and downs along the way. From rock bottom, to meeting some incredible people along the way, I have come to understand more about myself in the past three years than the previous 37.

I am not free from a disorganized attachment style, far from it actually. What I am blessed with is a new awareness of how it shows up for me in my relationships ever since. One thing about self-awareness is that once you open your mind to new possibilities, you are able to make great change in your life and that of others.

Here is a brief conversation with Dr. Kristen Hick that introduced our private group members to new possibilities through the attachment theory lens.

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