How Your Enneagram, Attachment Styles, and Consciousness Impact Relationships with Leanna, type 7, and Jared, type 2

Joining me this week on the podcast are Leanna and Jared from the Hello and Goodbye Podcast. We share the passion for what the Enneagram, attachment theory, and consciousness can bring to relationships.

Today’s episode is one of my favorites so far because I get the chance to speak with two REAL people sharing their lives on their podcast. The Hello and Goodbye podcast began because Leanna’s physical therapist encouraged her to share her funny dating stories publicly.

She later gave Jared a tryout as cohost on the podcast and the rest is history!

Check out the whole podcast episode to hear all about how our parents grow up once the kids leave the nest, what it takes to make a relationship work, and what it means to earn security in a relationship.

If you liked their message today, please connect with Leanna and Jared on Instagram @helloandgoodbyepodcast or on all major podcast platforms!

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