How Your Physical Wellness Impacts Your Metal Health with Erica Weiner, type 2

On this week’s episode of the podcast, I am joined by Erica Weiner who is an Integrative Health Practitioner and Certified Health Coach so we had plenty to talk about with our shared enthusiasm for fitness, nutrition, and mental health advocacy.

Her mission in this life is to help heart-centered high achievers sleep better, heal anxiety and find joy in each moment.We dive deep into her journey through inflammatory responses to certain foods, alcohol, and how quickly traveling 50% of the time for work caught up to her in every area of her health.

As a Helper on the Enneagram, Erica has grown immensely beyond a life of people pleasing and perfectionism. Tune in to her full story on Instagram @ericaallisonwellness or through her website

In my personal journey through personal growth, it began with weight training, fitness, and sports. I would always feel empowered when I set a new personal best on power cleans, snatch, or squat. Eventually finding jiu-jitsu was the major difference in my life because it is never the same, always growth focused, and I am part of a community that is bigger than myself. How do you feel when you are exercising regularly?

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