Elite Sports Gi Product Review

When I began training jiu-jitsu over four years ago, I started out in the no gi classes. I felt like that was a much lower commitment and it meant that I didn’t need to purchase a lot of equipment to get started. I also had zero clue what a gi was so picking out the right one seemed to be a daunting task to me.

About two months later, I committed to the unlimited class pass at my first jiu-jitsu school and the membership came with a gi! So now I was all-in with a sport that I was falling in love with quickly.

Let me tell you that the first gi I was given was nothing compared to what https://www.elitesports.com/ has to offer for a very affordable price! Here I am getting ready for the advanced class at my school wearing my new Elite Sports Gi in a slick grey color.

Testing out my new Elite Gi at Easton Training Center!

As I began to train more and compete regularly, I came to understand how much comfort, breathability, durability, and fit has to do with my performance on the mat. When I overheat, I begin to perform worse and worse but the lightweight material in this gi keeps me cool under the pressure of any opponent. Even those much more skilled and advanced than me.

I have found that Elite Sports has all that I need to be my best on and off the mat. Check out all of their gear and try yours today!




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