When Should You Reach Out for Help in Relationship Conflict with Geoff Laughton

Geoff Laughton, two time national best selling author, and Your Relationship Architect was one of my men’s group leaders for a year and is always a good friend of the podcast.

He returns for the third time to discuss when is the best time for a couple to reach out for help from a neutral party during conflict.We also dig deep into how conflict in a safe container can be a good thing to bring growth, what to do when you or your partner is making work more important than your partnership, and how to turn around a bad movie date!

Lastly, we get to the bottom of what women qualities they really want in their partnership and the 3 signs couples should look for in their relationship to know it’s the right time to reach out for counseling or coaching.

To connect with Geoff professionally, check out his websites yourrelationshiparchitect.com or theevolvingman.com for his men’s group.

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