How to Handle Social Media with Your Partner with Karl Sona

On today’s episode, we are joined by Karl Sona, who I met through social media and his partner, Julia Parzyck. We dive deep into how to live publicly on social media while dating in the modern era.

Without a doubt, social media comes into play every day whether you’re dating or single. Can you relate?

Karl opens up about his relationship and how living publicly on social media can come with some unwanted negative energy from followers and trolls. My biggest takeaway from our conversation is that as your influence grows, so does your responsibility to be a leader in every area of your life.

As it turns out, that is Karl Sona’s mission in life is to educate and empower black leaders to make a lasting impact through their personal and professional missions! We take a break from the heavy hitting conversation to learn more about his passion project and podcast, Dear Black CEO. His platform comes from taking huge leaps in his professional life that brought him to Denver almost three years ago.

Just over a year ago, that’s when he met his partner Julia while playing basketball in Washington Park outside of downtown Denver. His vibe that day was authentic and his intention was to get a daily reset outside shooting hoops.

Unintentionally, an errant shot bounced off the rim and in the direction of Julia and her friend. Her friend eventually played Cupid and handed over Julia’s phone number and the rest is laid out in their international travels and moving in together during Covid.

Their story is a true testament to what you can attract into your life without even trying too hard. Julia and Karl’s story flowed naturally from there and when I first heard Julia speak of him, I knew they were headed to something special. She just glowed when sharing stories about him.

If his message resonates with you today, please connect with Karl on Instagram @karl.sona or through his website

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