When Opposites Attract with Jess Whyte and Dave Glaser

For the first time in almost three years of hosting the podcast, I have the honor of inviting my partner Jess Whyte of six months to join me and have a deep conversation about conscious dating.

What is conscious and authentic dating?

That has been the purpose of the podcast for me. To explore what my most authentic self looks like as I navigated modern dating. After three years of being intentionally single, I finally understood what it looked like for me to show up as my most authentic self and to approach dating in a conscious and intentional way.

I feel Jess’s support when we privately discuss topics like online dating, the Enneagram, and attachment theory. Our intention for coming together and recording an episode that looks back on our first three dates is to share what being conscious in your partnership may look like. Everyone has a different view of what an ideal realationshiop looks like.

What does that look like for you?

Tune in today to hear the two different stories that Jess and I each created after connecting on Hinge, chatting via text, and meeting up for our first three dates. How can a partnership begin when the people involved have created two completely different stories?

Sit back, grab and pen and paper, and enjoy our conversation today while Jess and I vulnerably share our thoughts, decisions, and feelings as we explore what dating meant to us in the midst of a global pandemic while factoring in online dating apps are here to stay.

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