How to Create Space for Healing in a Relationship with Morgan Wade, type 2

On this week’s episode of the podcast, I am joined by Morgan Wade, a trauma-informed Focalization Practitioner. Essentially, that means that she is well trained in somatic experiencing what comes up in your body to process feelings, emotions, and trauma.

We discussed how the body holds onto memories in “trauma knots” and Morgan believes that healing is a return to wholeness. We ask the question, “What is change?” and remind our listeners that when we change, our relationship dynamics change as well.

My biggest takeaway from our conversation is that “whatever is coming up within us, is coming up for us”. To me, that means that the only way out is through the pain, emotion, and experiences.

Our conversation led us into a story from my parenting experience where my daughter Madison reminded me “Don’t ever shake a baby!” From there, Morgan and I have the opportunity to discuss how attachments with our caregivers form in childhood to inform our adult relationships.

If her message resonates with you today, please connect with Morgan via her website, on Instagram @hellohealing_ or through her podcast

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